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GRE in Pakistan

In Pakistan, where advance educational credentials are growing more and more important, the GRE has become one of the crucial hurdles in the lives of millions. Your performance on the GRE plays a major role in determining whether or not you’ll be able to attend university or college of your choice for higher education. The GRE General Test covers an arbitrary and slightly weird collection of skills you may not have used in past studies. Maybe you’ve majored in Urdu literature and hope to doctorate. No matter – you have to take a test that includes questions about plane geometry and algebra. Are you an aspiring researcher in biochemistry? Fine - here’s a test that includes logic puzzles about how guests should be seated at a banquet. Does it make sense? Not much. Do you have choice? Not really. To survive the process – and to make it work for you – you need help. We have no bias.

We have no vested interest in the reputation or image of the GRE. Our only concern is to offer you the most efficient, accurate, and useful guidance for earning your possible higher score on the GRE.      more about GRE

NTS GAT (General)

GAT (Graduate Admission Test) is a test for determining the capability and suitability of a student for postgraduate studies. HEC (Higher Education Commission requires that an applicant for higher education across the country must have qualified GAT (general) with atleast a score of 50. HEC has mendated NTS (National Testing Service) to conduct and administer GAT.
GAT is commonly termed as GRE - local in Pakistan.   more about GAT

Prepare GRE and GAT Online

Based on more than 20 years of experience in test preparation CAT offers online test preparation.
Prepare GRE and GAT Online

Why Education Testing

College/university grades have great value, but they are subject to variability from situation to situation.Standardized admissions tests offer colleges and universities a fair and impartial way to compare students from different college / University situations. The performance evaluation procedures fail to measure the quality as well as the extent of discrepancy between the existing and the desirable quality of individual candidate. Admission Test provides a bridge between discrepancies of various educational systems and standards by providing a standardized and uniform criterion for selecting candidates seeking admission to various universities in the country and abroad.

You must Prepare the Test

Never take a test without preparation or with a preparation of less than atleast 20 hours. Research studies on the effects of admissions test preparation programs have been published periodically since the early 1950s. Most of this research has been concerned with the effect of test preparation on the GRE ...... more about preparation