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GAT Preparation   GRE Preparation

Follow these GAT prep tips to help you have high score in GAT.

Evaluation Planning

  • To have a better understanding of the GAT sections, take a full length test in very beginning. Download Initial Test
  • Analyze your performance on the test and identify your weak and strong areas.
  • Plan a 15 days schedule of preparation. Think you are to take the test after 15 days and start preparing. Focus your weak and strong areas of the test. Dont consider time per question during this session.
After 15 days preparation, you'll have a better understanding of what the test is, what are its section anlong with your understanding of your own weaknesses. Now, you'll be able to plan your preparation.

Collect Study Material

You must have ample number of questions and topics for better practice and understanding. You can collect all stuff from
  • Books - Smart Brain GAT is the recommended book available in the market. Smart Brain GAT. You can find the seller of the book Sellers of the Smart Brain GAT
  • Web - A mess of study material is available on the web. You are to select and download. Downloads are also available at CAT site
  • Friends who have taken GAT in the past

Core Planning

Now plan for 30 days preparation. Focus on your weak areas but dont let your strong area orphane. Give time and efforts to each section. Take topic and section evaluation tests time to time. Direct your activities towards identified weak areas. Spare more time for Analytical section practice.

Pin Point Planning

After Core preparation of 30 days, take an evaluation test. Observe, whether a particular type of quations are wrong or wrong questions are of varied types.
  • If you find a particular type eroor, improve it
  • If you find a vried type question errors, revise Core planning for 10 days and again start pin point evaluation

Prepare GRE and GAT Online

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Analytical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning is an important section of the GAT. Effective techniques and practice can dramatically increase your score. Analytical Reasoning section is time taking on the test. You must safe time other sections by applying effective time sparing startegies. Sample Quaetion.

Vocabulary Building

The core of verbal section on the GAT is vocabulary. You must have a large pool of stanadardized words. Download vocablury list from the web. Download word List from CAT website