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GAT Structure

The GRE General Test measures certain developed verbal, quantitative, and analytical abilities that are important for academic achievement. In doing so, the test necessarily reflects the opportunities and efforts that have contributed to the development of those abilities.
The General Test is only one of several means of evaluating likely success in graduate school. It make it possible to compare students with different backgrounds. A GAT (NTS) score of 50/100, for example, has the same meaning whether earned by a student at a small, arts college or by a student at a large public university.
The test
Total Questions (MCQs) = 100
Total Test Time = 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
Test Type: Paper Based (GAT- General)
Test Contents
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Ability
  • Analytical Ability
Detailed Structure of GAT - General with sample questions and downloads

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GAT Preparation

Self Study Through Books
A student of GAT can have a lot of help in the preparation of professionally written books.
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Classroom Courses

For the achievment of higher score on the GAT, a student can join a class of some profesional teacher. Many of the studies on role of preparation on standardized tests like GAT and GRE show that professionally designed coaching class show a positive result on the test taker's achievement on the test.
Class Room Courses