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For students planning to apply to a colleg or university for postgraduate study, scores on standardized admissions tests--the GRE General or GAT General--take on a great deal of importance. It may be the quality and quantity of an applicant’s graduate coursework that receives the closest scrutiny at the more prestigious institutions, but these are cumulative indicators of performance. Standardized admissions tests, by contrast, are more of a one shot deal. Such tests are blind to a student’s high school record—instead, they are intended as an independent, objective measure of college “readiness”. For students with a strong high school record, admissions tests provide a way to confirm their standing. For students with a weaker college record, admissions tests provide a way to raise their standing. A principal justification for the use of the GRE and GAT in the admissions process is that such tests are designed to be insensitive to the high school curriculum and to the test preparation. If preparatory activities prior to taking the GRE or GAT can have the effect of significantly boosting the scores of students above those they would have received without the preparation, both the validity and reliability of the tests as indicators of college readiness might be called into question.

There is an emerging consensus that particular forms of test preparation have the effect of improving scores on sections of the GRE for students who take the tests more than once. That such an effect exists is not under dispute. The actual magnitude of this effect remains controversial. Some private tutors proved that their tutees improve their combined GRE section scores on average by over 200 points. Commercial test preparation companies have in the past advertised combined GRE score increases of over 300 points.

Most studies have focused on estimating the effect of one specific type of test preparation, known as “coaching.” The scores of coached test-takers were significantly higher relative to uncoached test-takers. Coached students are more concerned about the reputations of the colleges/university to which they plan to apply. Coached students are more likely to have higher scores on both sections of the GRE.

Prepare GRE and GAT Online

Based on more than 20 years of experience in test preparation CAT offers online test preparation.
Prepare GRE and GAT Online

What if a test taker

  • does not know the basics of algebra
  • does not know the basics of geometry
  • does not know the basics of arithmatics
  • does not know how to deal with a specific section of the test
  • does not have ampple number of standard practice questions
  • does not know how to deal advance tricky questions

Coaching Gives

  • Relevant knowledge of topics in every section
  • Expert coaching for weak area
  • Systematic preparation scheme
  • A large pool of targeted practice questions
  • Effective tricks to handle tricky questions
  • Effective strategies to deal with the questions